Grand Opening of the Doom Forest Distillery Tasting Room

The Doom Forest Distillery Tasting Room officially opened to the public on Saturday, October 21, 2017.  Lynn and Laurel Chadwick spent hours upon hours preparing for this day.  We are so thankful for the amazing turnout of people and all of positive feedback that was received.  Our signature cocktail, CHADWICK'S RASPBERRY SMASH, was an absolute hit! The future is looking very bright!

  • Many thanks to the Steelhouseoven for making delicious pizza for all the guests.
  • Walter Weymouth did an amazing job entertaining the guests with live music.
  • Thank you to the Maine Cabin Masters for taking some time out of their very busy schedule to attend our event. We truly appreciate all of you!!!




Chadwick's Craft Spirits Tasting Room - Private Soft Opening

On Saturday, September 16th, friends and family gathered at the Doom Forest Distillery for a private soft opening of our Tasting Room.  It was huge success and everyone had a wonderful time!  Thank you to the Steelhouseoven for serving your amazing Doom Forest Pizza and other delicious varieties of pizza at our event.  We also want to thank everyone that has put in the hard work to improve our land and create a fabulous atmosphere inside our Distillery!  We are truly blessed!  


Laurel and Lynn Chadwick have put in hours upon hours of hard work to get the Tasting Room ready.


Our signature cocktail, Chadwick's Raspberry Smash, was served at our private event.


Ann Chadwick is showing off a flask with our Chadwick's Craft Spirits label!


Ed Bloom and Larry Chadwick are testing out our new Table Ping Pong game.


We couldn't have our private soft opening of our Tasting Room without our booze hound, Copper!

Tasting Room Preparations

There has been a lot of construction at the Doom Forest Distillery the past few months.  We have been working diligently to prepare for the opening of our Tasting Room.  Here are are few pictures of the progress.

New stools were purchased and the barrel tables were stained by lynn chadwick herself.  we can't wait to fill this room with all of our amazing fans!

New stools were purchased and the barrel tables were stained by Lynn Chadwick herself.  

We are so pleased with how the logo turned out.  its a great addition to our barrel tables.

We are so pleased with how the logo turned out. It's a great addition to our barrel tables.

IMG_8054 2.JPG

The high top table and the bench outside were handmade!  

A patio was built around the Doom Forest Distillery tasting room with stones.

A patio was built around the Doom Forest Distillery Tasting Room with beautiful stones.

The new storage Facility was painted by the roller girls!  WE absolutely love it!

The new storage facility was painted by the Roller Girls!  We absolutely love it!


Shirts, hats and other accessories will be available for purchase at the Tasting Room.

Chadwick's Craft Spirits 1st Anniversary

Happy 1st Anniversary Chadwick's Craft Spirits!!!

One year ago today, these pictures were taken at the Village General Store in Pittston, Maine and Goggin's IGA in Randolph, Maine.  It marked the beginning of a super, successful year in the making and the day that Lynn Chadwick's dream came true. On July 21, 2016, Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits was officially put on the shelves in Maine. Our success would never have been possible without the support of our family, friends, neighbors, and the many many Maine businesses that put our product on their shelves. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support!  

Lynn Chadwick, Larry chadwick, ann Chadwick, forrest chadwick and laurel chadwick

Lynn Chadwick, Larry chadwick, ann Chadwick, forrest chadwick and laurel chadwick

Forrest Chadwick, Jack Goggin, Lynn Chadwick, Larry Chadwick and Ann Chadwick

Forrest Chadwick, Jack Goggin, Lynn Chadwick, Larry Chadwick and Ann Chadwick

Morning Fire part 1

     Larry Chadwick has a simple, but extremely practical fire pit inbetween his house and the cabin.  It overlooks a several acre stretch of grassy area that extends to the large pond beyond.  In the mornings this is one of the nicest places on earth sit and have a cup of coffee.  This is made even better when Larry is there to keep you company.  The next few posts were recorded one peaceful morning, listing to Larry talk a little about the history of the land and how he got there.  

Birds big and small

    As we've noted several times before, Maine is the most forested state in America.  This has an obvious effect on the bird population that Maine has as well.  On Larry Chadwick's large stretch of heavily forested property, it's easy to view numerous species of birds throughout the year.  The photos today were all taken on Larry's property within a couple week span.  We can only show a few pics, but birds like these are a daily occurrence and one of the great benefits of living so close to nature.

As noted before, Larry does quite a bit to help the bird life out when he can.  Simply by putting out numerous feeders and seed trays is enough to give the birds a much needed boost during the harsh Maine winters.

Yes, this last photo is an American Bald Eagle.  Several have nested amongst the trees on Larry's property for years.  They truly are incredibly beautiful and grand creatures. Birds like these you don't just "see," you behold.

Progress on the Storage Facility Continues

     In many ways, who you are and what you do tomorrow is the direct result of what you do today.  Sometimes big goals require big work, and the only real way to achieve them is to go after them with all you've got, day after day after day.  You have to be willing roll your sleeves up, gets your hands dirty, and simply do whatever needs done.  Period.  Of course, as gritty as this sounds, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy every single day of it.  In fact, you should.

     All this rather lofty talk is to point out some otherwise overlooked aspects of today's post.  It's of Lynn Chadwick, the Head Distiller of Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits, personally installing the insulation and board walls of the storage facility.  This is one of those things that isn't necessarily her area of expertise, but it simply needs done.  And you can bet it's going to be done right.

Coloring Easter Eggs

     Traditions of coloring eggs goes back much farther than most people realize.  There have even been decorated and carved ostrich eggs excavated in Africa that date back nearly 60,000 years.

     As a Christian practice, it began in Mesopotamia when the first Christians stained eggs with red coloring to symbolize the blood of Christ nearly 2000 years ago.  But this isn't just a "tradition."  The Christian Church officially adopted the practice in the early 1600's as an actual ritual.

     Of course, in America today, although there is still a great deal of religious meaning behind colored Easter Eggs, they are also widely known as a fun family activity associated with the Easter Bunny, who began making his rounds in the 18th century. 

Maine Restaurant & Lodging Expo 2017

     No matter how authentic and handmade a product may be, a major part of its life is being presented to the rest of the world.  One of the key ways this is done is through specialized conventions.  In the case Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits, one of the better places to be was the Maine Restaurant & Lodging Expo in Portland, Maine. 

     This is the premier business-to-business trade show for industry and hospitality.  With more than 120 exhibitors, it's the perfect place for restaurant and lodging professionals to see what's new and engaging for the coming years.  This year, Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits made its debut at the show to rave reviews, which helps set us up for greater distribution and brand awareness over the coming year. 

     So much time and work and belief goes into the making of a quality product like Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits.  Just seeing a bottle of Chadwick's sitting amongst other fine products gives us a nice sense of pride.  Seeing the reaction once people have tasted it though, is what really makes us satisfied, knowing that every second was worth it. 

Outdoor Pizza and Chadwicks

     The winter weather is gradually starting to break in Pittston nowadays.  The bugs have yet to return in any strength, and the days are often bright and sunny.  For the Chadwicks, virtually any weather is good weather, but when it's clear and dry, they'll take advantage of it.  And today that meant making pizza and enjoying each other's company with a glass of Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits.

Lynn Chadwick forming the perfect circle.  Is there anything she can't do?

This is the easy part.

Into Steel House Oven's wood fired, outdoor pizza oven.

And just a few minutes later......perfection.

Believe it or not, this expression of Larry's means he loves it!

Oh yes.  And the finishing touch.  May this post remind you that the warmer weather of Spring is on its way.  Soon enough the flowers will be blooming and the trees will be filled with green.

Daily Work at Doom Forest

     The Chadwicks are not only making an incredibly high-quality, time intensive product, they are also running their own small business.  This means all hands on deck to do whatever needs done.  Some days that may mean distilling, some days that may mean doing paperwork, and sometimes that might mean shoveling the driveway or loading boxes.  It all needs done.

     For the Chadwicks though, every ounce of work is taken with the thankfulness for the opportunity to do it, especially if it helps the family out.  With just a phone call saying they need help, a dozen friends and/or family with be at the cabin in minutes, totally willing to do whatever needs done. 

     Today the temporary storage was opened up.  It let in some fresh air while a number of the barrels were rolled.  Later, a shipment was loaded up into a truck to be driven to NJ for distribution.  All the while, of course, the distillery kept going, and like clockwork, everything got done.