The Baron

     Over 50 years ago, a wealthy nobleman named Baron Vladimir von Poushenthal moved to Richmond, Maine and began buying up large amounts of land with the dream of creating a Russian community.  The land and weather was remarkably similar to parts of Russia, and the Baron was able to attract dozens and dozens of his countryman to come, including many prominent Russians of the day.

     As it just so happened, one day the Baron was out hunting ducks when he saw a teenaged boy out doing the same.  The Baron was impressed with the boy's decoy set, and even more impressed with the boy's remarkable knowledge of hunting and fishing.  This was the beginning of a very long and fruitful friendship, and the account was even recorded in a book on the Russian community in Maine.   

     Perhaps it is needless to say, but that teenaged-boy was Larry Chadwick.  And in today's clip, he gives us a brief telling of his time with Baron Vladimir von Poushenthal.