Thanksgiving and Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits

     Celebrating life with your friends and family around a table full of food and drink is easily one of the greatest joys this life has to offer.  And in America, the granddaddy of these celebrations is Thanksgiving.

     For the Chadwicks, family is particularly important.  Three generations live within a few miles of each other.  Even though they see each other throughout the year, Thanksgiving is a special occasion.  The work is put away for the day (except for cooking, that is). The weather is cold enough to need a nice blaze in the fireplace, but still not so deep into winter to be buried in snow.   And like all Americans, they have plenty to be incredibly thankful for.  And this year, one of those things is the long awaited sale of Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits in stores.  


     In many ways, the release of Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits is the very essence of the American dream.  Whatever YOUR dream is this holiday season, we invite you to make the warm taste of Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits a part of your holiday tradition.