Getting Firewood

       Maine is the most heavily wooded state in America.  This has had incredible benefits for the hearty people who've lived there since the beginning.  Wood is not only essential to obvious products like building houses, furniture, and paper.  But it is the single most dependable source of heat during the long Maine winters.  Even today, with all of our technology, wood heat is an absolute staple to many Maine residents.  And Larry Chadwick is no exception.

     One difference between Larry and most people though, is he lives on 100 acres of wooded land, and has been harvesting his own firewood for nearly 6 decades.  In today's clip, we get to see Larry cut down a dead Black Cherry tree.  Keep in mind, despite Larry's remarkably powerful frame, that he is 81 years old.  

     As noted at the end of the clip, please visit the Chadwick's Craft Spirits YouTube channel for more fascinating videos on Larry and the making Chadwick's Craft Spirits.  Thanks for watching!