A Jack-in-the-Pulpit is a medium sized plant that grows primarily in the Northeastern regions of the United States, which of course includes Maine.  It has a unique set of shapes to it.  There are three larger leaves that sprout around a single large flower.  But it's the shape of the flower that the plant gets its name.  This video of Larry coming upon a Jack-in-the-pulpit explains.    

     Although it is feasible to dry, cook, and eat these plants if done correctly, they are POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS TO CONSUME.  Not only does the plant contain elements that could cause a severe burning sensation to the mouth and intestines, parts of it are also poisonous. They are perfectly safe to touch and marvel at though (as Larry does in the clip).  So just be cautious is all, and leave Jack-in-the-Pulpit to do his thing as nature intended.