A new beginning

     The process of making Chadwick's Craft Spirits is ongoing, so it's been difficult to know when to start a blog about it...or just what to "blog" about.  But today, as Larry Chadwick journeyed past this gorgeous line of trees out near the pond on his property, he had the answer.  The time is now.

     Chadwick's Craft Spirits is a product that's completely handmade in the most tranquil and beautiful of surroundings.  This blog is not just a way to show the simple and honest process of HOW each batch is made, but a way to share the incredible beauty of WHERE it's made.

     But like I said, it's ongoing and ever changing, kind of like the leaves on those trees.  A few weeks ago they were different shades of green.  Now they are so brilliantly colored their reflection looks more like smeared paint than reality.  Yet in a month or so they'll be completely bare.

     All along we'll be making Chadwick's Craft Spirits in the cabin Larry Chadwick and his family built over 30 years ago.  Through this blog, you can join us on us on this journey.  See you soon.