Spring Water

     Maine is known for many wonderful things, like it's lobsters, it's lighthouses, and it's awe-inspiring forests that turn the most amazing shades of gold and orange and yellow every Fall.  But it is also known for it's remarkably pure Spring Water.  In fact, the water from nearby Poland Springs and Garden Springs is some of the best selling Spring Water in the country. 

     As it just so happens, the same pure Spring Water that most of the country buys in bottles also runs beneath the Chadwick's property.  That fresh, natural Spring Water is one of the key ingredients in Chadwick's Craft Spirits, and one of the reasons our product tastes so incredible.

     The natural Spring Water flows up through the ground as well, and helps feed the streams that flow throughout Maine.  In today's clip, Larry Chadwick shows us where a crystal clear Spring flows into the pond on his property year round.