Wood for the winter

     First of all, please check out the video page on our website to see Larry Chadwick, 80 years old, chopping wood like a hearty 20 year old.  It's probably the most impressive (if not inspiring) thing you'll see all day.  

     Today's clip (below) is of Larry briefly discussing the importance of firewood in regions like Maine.  For most of the country, things like cast-iron stoves and wood heat has long been ancient history.   But for Larry Chadwick, and many in parts of Maine, where winter storms regularly knock out power lines, the dependability of a simple wood stove and/or fireplace is simply invaluable. 

     The cabin that all of the distilling takes place in is wired with electricity, but its only source of heat is from the moderately-sized cast iron stove inside, which keeps the entire interior a surprisingly steady, even temperature through the winter.