Maintaining the Trail

     Just how Larry Chadwick came to own so much land is an epic story in itself that spans half a century or more.  Part of that story though, includes Larry's friendship with an actual Prince from Russia, who owned thousands of acres of land himself.

     Odd as it sounds, this prince gave Larry some practical advice on maintaining a forest.  He said simply to establish a usable system of trails though it.  This allows people to travel through deeply wooded areas without trampling (and thus destroying) the untamed forest itself.  It's simple advice, but something Larry took to heart long ago.   

     At 80 years old, the main way that Larry gets around the 100 acres of his property is in an All Terrain Vehicle.  In time, this can wear down the established paths that run through the forested areas.  Today's clip is a brief look into one of the basic ways Larry is able to keep the trails well-maintained while running through streams or muddy patches.