Using the Cleared Trees

     In previous posts we've taken a look at all that's involved in building a storage facility for Chadwick's Craft Spirits, including clearing a small parcel of land near the cabin.  Today, Lynn Chadwick gives us some insight about the trees themselves, and what will become of them.

     It's worth noting that Lynn's knowledge of trees is not uncommon to those who were born and raised in Maine.  With over 26,000 square miles of forest, Maine has more trees per acre than any state in America.  (That's 89% of its total acreage.  In 2012, the Forest Service reported Maine as having 24 billion trees over one inch in diameter). 

     Besides serving as a longtime backbone of Maine's economy, having so many trees is a major part of everyday life in Maine.  You can just smell the difference.  The air quality in areas where trees outnumber cars is tangible.  And as Larry Chadwick stated in a previous post, the sheer dependability of wood heat during the long, freezing cold winters makes them simply invaluable.