Filling the bottles

     Unlike the giant beer factories that mechanically fill thousands of bottles per hour, every time another bottle gets filled with Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits, it's a personal experience.

     After months of aging in white oak barrels, this is a batch of Chadwick's Craft Spirits (before the maple syrup is added) being poured into the filling container.

     New bottles are cleaned and sterilized to prepare for filling.

     Just as Lynn showed us in a previous post, the bottles are slid onto the filling machine by hand.  It has an automatic shutoff to prevent spilling even a drop of the precious liquid.

     Six at a time they are filled.  Each bottle is visually inspected before adding just the right amount of pure maple syrup.  

     The final step is to cork and seal each bottle.  Just like making the product itself, packaging it up for sale is a remarkably hands-on and passionate endeavor, but that's what goes into each bottle of Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits. And you can taste the difference.