Apple Season is nearly upon us!

Red Apple Tree
Red Apples.  August 12, 2016

     August in Maine is the last full month for apples to grow and ripen.  Despite the worst drought in decades, the dozen or so apple trees on Larry Chadwick's stretch of land in Pittston, Maine are gradually making their way.  

     These Red Apples have a little ways to go still, but are looking good.  Keep in mind, these trees produce several thousand apples every season without a drop of pesticides or chemicals being sprayed on them.

     Apple picking usually begins at the end of August and can run deep into October.  With the year being so dry, it may go a little later, but we'll have to see.  The trees are noticeably lighter this year, but If we can just get a few good showers late in the game here, this year's crop might still turn out ok.  We'll definitely keep you posted.