The New Steamer

     Have you ever tasted 100% pure maple syrup?  You could almost say it's an experience to do so.   There is a reason why it costs twice or three times what factory produced, high fructose corn syrup does.  Not only does real maple syrup taste better (WAY better in our opinion), but it's also much more difficult to come by.  

     We've written about this a few times because this authentic process is critical.  The 100% Pure Maple Syrup that the Chadwicks use in their Maple Craft Spirits is completely family-made on their own property.  As we've said before, it requires 40 gallons of raw maple sap to be boiled down into 1 gallon of syrup.  It's quite a task actually.  A big part of it takes place in large, wood-fueled "steamers" that boil off the excess water.  With the increased need for maple syrup, the Chadwick's have had to collect and boil down more sap than usual. 

     Just recently, the Chadwicks' welcomed home a brand-new steamer in to help out.

     To end this post, I just have to note the SOUNDS of that steamer doing its job.  That's the sound of a natural product.  No huge factories, or unknown ingredients here.