Outdoor Pizza and Chadwicks

     The winter weather is gradually starting to break in Pittston nowadays.  The bugs have yet to return in any strength, and the days are often bright and sunny.  For the Chadwicks, virtually any weather is good weather, but when it's clear and dry, they'll take advantage of it.  And today that meant making pizza and enjoying each other's company with a glass of Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits.

Lynn Chadwick forming the perfect circle.  Is there anything she can't do?

This is the easy part.

Into Steel House Oven's wood fired, outdoor pizza oven.

And just a few minutes later......perfection.

Believe it or not, this expression of Larry's means he loves it!

Oh yes.  And the finishing touch.  May this post remind you that the warmer weather of Spring is on its way.  Soon enough the flowers will be blooming and the trees will be filled with green.