Maine Restaurant & Lodging Expo 2017

     No matter how authentic and handmade a product may be, a major part of its life is being presented to the rest of the world.  One of the key ways this is done is through specialized conventions.  In the case Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits, one of the better places to be was the Maine Restaurant & Lodging Expo in Portland, Maine. 

     This is the premier business-to-business trade show for industry and hospitality.  With more than 120 exhibitors, it's the perfect place for restaurant and lodging professionals to see what's new and engaging for the coming years.  This year, Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits made its debut at the show to rave reviews, which helps set us up for greater distribution and brand awareness over the coming year. 

     So much time and work and belief goes into the making of a quality product like Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits.  Just seeing a bottle of Chadwick's sitting amongst other fine products gives us a nice sense of pride.  Seeing the reaction once people have tasted it though, is what really makes us satisfied, knowing that every second was worth it.