Birds big and small

    As we've noted several times before, Maine is the most forested state in America.  This has an obvious effect on the bird population that Maine has as well.  On Larry Chadwick's large stretch of heavily forested property, it's easy to view numerous species of birds throughout the year.  The photos today were all taken on Larry's property within a couple week span.  We can only show a few pics, but birds like these are a daily occurrence and one of the great benefits of living so close to nature.

As noted before, Larry does quite a bit to help the bird life out when he can.  Simply by putting out numerous feeders and seed trays is enough to give the birds a much needed boost during the harsh Maine winters.

Yes, this last photo is an American Bald Eagle.  Several have nested amongst the trees on Larry's property for years.  They truly are incredibly beautiful and grand creatures. Birds like these you don't just "see," you behold.