Daily Work at Doom Forest

     The Chadwicks are not only making an incredibly high-quality, time intensive product, they are also running their own small business.  This means all hands on deck to do whatever needs done.  Some days that may mean distilling, some days that may mean doing paperwork, and sometimes that might mean shoveling the driveway or loading boxes.  It all needs done.

     For the Chadwicks though, every ounce of work is taken with the thankfulness for the opportunity to do it, especially if it helps the family out.  With just a phone call saying they need help, a dozen friends and/or family with be at the cabin in minutes, totally willing to do whatever needs done. 

     Today the temporary storage was opened up.  It let in some fresh air while a number of the barrels were rolled.  Later, a shipment was loaded up into a truck to be driven to NJ for distribution.  All the while, of course, the distillery kept going, and like clockwork, everything got done.