Chadwick's Craft Spirits Tasting Room - Private Soft Opening

On Saturday, September 16th, friends and family gathered at the Doom Forest Distillery for a private soft opening of our Tasting Room.  It was huge success and everyone had a wonderful time!  Thank you to the Steelhouseoven for serving your amazing Doom Forest Pizza and other delicious varieties of pizza at our event.  We also want to thank everyone that has put in the hard work to improve our land and create a fabulous atmosphere inside our Distillery!  We are truly blessed!  


Laurel and Lynn Chadwick have put in hours upon hours of hard work to get the Tasting Room ready.


Our signature cocktail, Chadwick's Raspberry Smash, was served at our private event.


Ann Chadwick is showing off a flask with our Chadwick's Craft Spirits label!


Ed Bloom and Larry Chadwick are testing out our new Table Ping Pong game.


We couldn't have our private soft opening of our Tasting Room without our booze hound, Copper!