Larry Chadwick spent his childhood summers hiking and camping in Maine.  After a few years working in New York City in his 20's, Larry decided that city life just wasn't for him.

     With his young wife, Anne, Larry bought a small plot of farm land in Pittston, Maine and never looked back.  With the humble salary he made, Larry began buying the inexpensive land around his farm. That was over 50 years ago.  Today, the Chadwick's property extends over one hundred acres, and the hundreds of trees Larry planted himself make up a full grown forest he jokingly refers to as Doom Forest.

     Larry is over 80 years old now, but a lifetime of chopping his own wood and making his own way has given him a physical and mental strength that's simply ageless.     

     But Larry's passion isn't just about his for love for his land, it's for his family.  Larry and his wife have been married over 60 years, and are proud parents and grandparents of a large and admirably tight knit family of Chadwicks, most of whom still live in the Pittston area.



     Although the time intensive process of making Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits is very much a family effort, it is Lynn Chadwick that spearheads it all. 

     Lynn is a teacher by trade, and naturally interested in chemistry and how things are made.  Of course, being a Chadwick, she's also naturally hardworking.  So once she turned her attention towards the intricate process of distilling craft spirits, a true flame was lit.

     In time, Lynn shared her new "hobby" with the rest of the family, and with the first sip, they knew she had something.  And rest, you might say, is history.