Doom Forest

    When Larry Chadwick began buying up relatively bare farm land in the 1960's, he also began planting trees.  This wasn't a random endeavor though.  Over the last 50 plus years, Larry has cultivated an immaculately well-kept forest.  It took a tremendous amount of work, but has always been a labor of love, and is at the very heart of his family's remarkable connection to nature.

     The Chadwick's picturesque property is impressive to say the least.  It's peaceful, filled with every walk of nature, and covered in towering trees.  But it wasn't always that way.  In years past, the land had been cleared by generations of farmers, creating the ancient-looking stone walls from the rocks they pulled from the ground. In the 1800's, these walls were used to help keep in livestock and separate property lines, but today they are little more than a beautiful reminder of the hard-working families in Maine's past.

     The making of a product like Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits on their own property fits perfectly into this story.  The Spring Water, the Maple Syrup, and other key ingredients are drawn naturally from the land itself, leaving a remarkably small footprint (if any) in the process.  It's distilled and aged in the cabin that Larry and his family built themselves, allowing each step to be carefully and personally attended to.  One taste of its smooth flavor is enough to transport you next to a warm fire and a simpler way of life.

cabin light snow.jpg