Inspired by the natural beauty of Maine's wilderness, Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits are Hand Crafted, Triple Distilled, and Barrel Aged to perfection.

Sunrise.  Larry Chadwick takes in the majestic, renewing beauty of a Maine sunrise.

Wood for the Winter.  Born in 1935, Larry Chadwick still goes out and chops his own firewood with the strength of a man a fourth his age.

Heating the Cabin.  Larry Chadwick briefly shows us the cabin he built and lived in over 30 years ago, that now houses the Doom Forest Distillery. He also introduces us to his daughter, Lynn Chadwick.

Larry at the Spring.  Larry shows us the natural spring that feeds the fresh water pond on his property.

Spring Water (short version).  Tranquil footage of the actual Maine Spring Water that is a key ingredient in Chadwick's Craft Spirits.

Stone Walls.  Larry talks about origin of the 200 year old stone walls that run through his property, and throughout Pittston, Maine.

Tracks in the Snow.  A walk through the woods with Larry Chadwick is like seeing the world for the first time. Here, Larry points out fresh animal tracks in the snow as easily as if he was reading a book.

A Good Life.  Sitting by outdoor fire pit, Larry Chadwick tells us about his decision to move to Maine over 50 years ago.